Friday July 25 Menu Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

Chilled Creamy Sea Tilth Farm Cuccumber Soup - $10

side striped prawns, lemon grass, key lime

Grilled & Chilled Avocado Salad - $12

cava vinaigrette, Walla Walla onions, gem tomatoes

Alaskan Black Snapper Poke - $14

sesame, tamari, citrus, fermented fish sauce

Demerara Glazed Sloping Hill Pork Belly - $15

celeriac puree, purple kale, bird's eye chillies

Salt Spring Island Mussels - $16

slow melted leeks, lemon, basil, cannellini beans

Brown Butter Broiled Pemberton Marrow - $18

Rockweld farm's truffled scrambled eggs, 3 year old cheddar

Pan Fried Local Whole Smelts - $28

Provencal crumbs, Parma tomato coulis, yellow beans

Jump Fried Wild Pacific Red Prawns - $30

sweet pea risotto, burnt sage butter, red currents

Sauteed Strait of Juan de Fuca Skatewing - $32

Sea Tilth farm's striped courgette 'spaghetti', dungeness butter

Whole Roasted Thiessen Farms Pheasant - $34

creamy corn polenta, peach compote, kohlrabi

Rare Seared Peace Country Elk - $38

truffle nugget potatoes, French beans, rutabaga butter

The Daily Six Course Culinary Adventure - $85

the house specialty for four years...

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A Fresh Approach to Unpretentious West Coast Cuisine.

Daily visits to the local Markets and Farms of British Columbia to procure the finest local seafood, produce and meats at their peak of quality. Working the best of the best the West Coast has to offer and prepping, cooking and creating a new menu every day.

Always in the season, local and organic whenever possible.

NEW! View our calendar of special events in June (.pdf) and summer tasting menu (.pdf)

Brian Fowke

Working with only the 'best of the best' the West Coast has to offer and prepping, cooking and creating a new menu every day.

“How could you not want to find out what is being grown and harvested all around our beautiful city, province, country? Attentive, informative and genuinely friendly service just added to the already stellar experience. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow's menu is!” - Crystal H., Western Canada Yelp Senior Manager