Daily Menu Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

Local BC Summer Salad pomegranate, orange, shoots, grapefruit vinaigrette - $7

Whipped Duckling Liver Butter on sour dough crostini - $8

Ruby Red North Arm Farm's Beets avocado oil, french feta - $9

Crispy Duckling Skin 'buffalo style' celery nage st agur blue cheese - $11

Cache Creek Veal Sweetbreads crispy fried, peach preserve, espelette - $13

Roasted Winter Cauliflower Soup butter poached lobster, trout roe, truffle - $14

Sticky Raspberry BBQ Sloping Hill Pork Belly maple bannock, kohlrabi - $14

Island Cheese Curd & Oxtail Gravy rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes - $15

Braised Sakura Farm's Pigs Cheeks caramelized Walla Walla onion jam - $16

Southern Fried Buttermilk Pacific Frog Legs banana ketchup - $17

Pemberton Meadow Bone Marrow brown butter broil sweet savoy glaze - $18

Wild Red Pacific Prawn, Rabbit & Pacific Snail Risotto wild herbs - $21

Cache Creek Lamb 'Porterhouse' celeriac puree, minted provençal crust - $22

Heritage Angus Beef Hanger Steak bordelaise sauce, ducky asparagus - $24

Rare-Seared Big Eye Tuna nuggets, niçoise, hothouse heirlooms, EVOO - $25

'low & slow' Braised Veal Tongue tom yum, udon noodle, scallion - $26

Spatchcocked Mt Lehman Jumbo Quail anjou pear, pomme puree - $28

we bring in our seafood & shellfish daily @ 5pm
your server will advice on today's offering - Market $

six course culinary adventure available Thurs-Sat by reservation
$85 per person please play nice, whole table to participate.

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A Fresh Approach to Unpretentious West Coast Cuisine.

Daily visits to the local Markets and Farms of British Columbia to procure the finest local seafood, produce and meats at their peak of quality. Working the best of the best the West Coast has to offer and prepping, cooking and creating a new menu every day.

Always in the season, local and organic whenever possible.

Brian Fowke

Working with only the 'best of the best' the West Coast has to offer and prepping, cooking and creating a new menu every day.

“How could you not want to find out what is being grown and harvested all around our beautiful city, province, country? Attentive, informative and genuinely friendly service just added to the already stellar experience. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow's menu is!” - Crystal H., Western Canada Yelp Senior Manager